[Inauguration Speech of Jae-Wan Lee]
"As FIDIC President, I will be listening to all of your voices"
[Inauguration Speech of Jae-Wan Lee]
"As FIDIC President, I will be listening to all of your voices"
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▲ President of FIDIC, Jae-Wan Lee - Sep.15 2015 in Dubai UAE
Dear FIDIC Colleagues, Friends,
Thank you very much for honoring me with this opportunity of serving the organization. I am humbled and privileged to serve you as the new President of FIDIC.
I would also like to welcome our new Member Associations, Affiliate members, and my fellow Executive Committee members. I look forward to working with each and every one of you.
Today, as is with all inauguration days, is a time of new beginning for FIDIC. As I look into the future, I am optimistic about the road that lies ahead. We have a great organization, filled with wonderful people and opportunities.
I am walking in new directions, and I am asking a lot of questions. I am meeting with fellow members, officers and staff, learning their aspirations, experiences, and prospects as we move forward together.
More than anything, I am listening.
There is no shortage of opinions or ideas, and they are always voiced with a desire to make FIDIC better.

In conversations with many of you, there is an acknowledgement that the world is going through profound changes. The long-term impact of the global financial crisis is felt worldwide, increasing uncertainty in the world’s economic growth, and widening income global development gaps. In addition, the deterioration of the environment, climate change and natural disasters, all continue to pose severe challenges to us. Instead of ceasing to exist, these new challenges must compel us as FIDIC to continue to be more proactive in stimulating the development of the consulting engineering industry and be recognized as its leader.
It is also time to take stock. Just two years ago, we have successfully celebrated FIDIC’s 100th anniversary as a global federation. We now have 101 Member Associations and boast a rich history deeply rooted in quality, integrity and sustainability.
However, we must also acknowledge that this organization has come to a crossroads. We must pursue further reform to stay relevant. This is the only way to make the organization as effective as we all hope.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
My thirty great predecessors have led this organization with a keen eye on society’s challenges and our obligations as an international federation.
I am grateful for their collective leadership. They have helped to define and elevate the standing of the consulting engineering industry.
I too have aspirations for FIDIC.
- First, to continue developing and strengthening the FIDIC brand as representation of the consulting engineering industry worldwide.
- Second, to reinforce FIDIC’s 6th and 7th Objectives by actively promoting and further enhancing FIDIC Contracts, training documents and other publishing activities to add more value to our members.
- Third, to take FIDIC and FIDIC Secretariat through a phase of modernization and reform by promoting international standards, diversity and inclusion.
These 3 strategic focus areas support my overall objective for my time as president – to increase FIDIC’s relevance to you, our global members.

We have already come a long way. And what we achieved thus far, we have done through our member-staff partnership. And I am sure the same will be true of the future.
Pablo Bueno has fulfilled his role as the FIDIC president with such confidence and distinction that he has left a rather large hole in the FIDIC ranks. Nevertheless, I really admire and respect his passion and endless energy for FIDIC during the past two years of his presidency and I personally look forward to his continuous support as the immediate past President to help me push through this growth; to share the FIDIC vision and enhance FIDIC’s already reputable image.

This is time of great change.
As the new President of FIDIC, I am committed to doing my very best to represent our profession to the world. I am committed to the values at the heart of FIDIC: the highest technical standards, delivered ethically, and in the public interest. Finally, I am committed to seeing through the changes that we need to make to remain relevant in this world.
Thanks for your support!

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