Can Tho Finalizes Smart-City Plan
Can Tho Finalizes Smart-City Plan
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Hanoi, August 31 (Engineering Daily) -- Can Tho People's Committee announced on Friday at a meeting in the city that Can Tho City has completed its plan for smart-city development and this is divided into three phases.

Nguyen Van Hong, director of the municipal’s Department of Planning and Investment, said the department had been examining the city’s infrastructure and related issues since 2017 with the Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).

The first phase of the development plan (2018–20) will focus on establishing a technological foundation for a smart city, building a digital government, and working on smart solutions for city planning. In addition, agriculture and tourism will be among the areas that will be developed first.

The second phase of the plan (2021–23) will carry out solutions concurrently and build on the foundation.

The third phase (2024 –25) will see the continued development of systems and solutions applied to more areas of the city.

The city’s Department of Transport has already launched ICT applications for traffic management and services and they aim to improve drivers’ satisfaction and reduce the number of accidents.

In addition, the city’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has been building a digital database on agricultural activities, and has also been developing geographic indicators for farmers to improve management and planning.

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