Sections in North~South Expressway Constructions Soon to be Started
Sections in North~South Expressway Constructions Soon to be Started
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Hanoi, September 18 (Engineering Daily) -- Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has approved the construction of the North-South backbone road project under PPP form.

The North-South route from Hoang Dieu - Nguyen Van Linh - Ba Chiem bridge is one of the major backbone roads in the city's baseline. This route has the function of urban traffic along with the function of external communication linking between three ring roads together with the centralized roads to create continuous network.

The North-South road from Hoang Dieu to Nguyen Van Linh has a length of 3.73 km with a width of 40-60 m for 8-10 lanes.

Meanwhile, the North-South backbone road from Nguyen Van Linh to the junction of Ba Chiem bridge (Nha Be district) has the length of 7.5 km with the width of 60 - 68.75 m for 8 - 10 lanes.

The eastern section of North-South expressway Mai Son-Highway 45 is going to be implemented in the form of PPP as well.

The first phase will be 4 lanes, 17 m wide, and the total length is 63.3km and this is scheduled to start in 2019 and to be completed in 2021.

The total investment of the project is of approximately VND 10,000 billion and VND 13,225 billion respectively.

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