Hanoi firm proposes building parking lot in popular park
Hanoi firm proposes building parking lot in popular park
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(Engineering daily) Nguyen Anh Duong = The Tay Ho Urban Development and Investment JSC has submitted to city authorities a proposal to build an underground parking lot at Cau Giay Park in its namesake district, 10㎞ west of Hanoi's center.

The proposal seeks 1.45ha of land from the northeastern part of the 10-hectare park for a complex with a parking lot and a trade center that will cost $24.4 million.

There will be three basements, with the lower two serving as parking lots for 874 cars. The first basement will be a 12,000-square-meter complex with a movie theater, event venue, children's playground, gym, and mall.

In its proposal, the company has claimed the project is needed since the apartment buildings in the vicinity lack parking space.

Their parking lots only have a combined capacity of 477 cars, while 682 other cars are parked on sidewalks, it said. With 6,000 households living there, things were sure to worsen in future, the company added.

But many residents in Dich Vong Ward have voiced opposition to the project, saying each apartment building has one to three basements that ensure enough parking space.

A five-story parking lot was also built recently just 100m from the park, they pointed out.

They also said the urban plans for the area around the park already include five other parking lots which are yet to be built and many plots of land outside the park are being used by trespassers to play tennis and football and as beer clubs because projects there have been being delayed.

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