Hanoi approves building parking lot in popular park
Hanoi approves building parking lot in popular park
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(Engineering daily) Nguyen Anh Duong = The city people's committee has approved the award of the contract to HimLamBC Investment JSC (HLI). Besides the lot there will also be shops and other commercial establishments.

Thu Le is one of the biggest parks in the city, spreading over 29ha and with a zoo, an amusement park and green space.

The construction will cover 72,000㎡ on six floors, one of which will be earmarked for administrative and technical purposes.

The first basement of around 16,000㎡ will be used mostly for shops and restaurants, with only 1,800㎡ used for parking.

Subsequent basements will decrease in size, with only the fourth and fifth used solely for parking.

When completed, HLI will also share the area on the surface of the project with Hanoi Zoo Company Ltd. The city committee did not reveal specific plans for this area.

The city has approved the cost of $77 million, of which 20% will come from HLI and the rest from banks.

It has been licensed for 50 years.

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