Quangtrai Civil Airport to be built in Vietnam
Quangtrai Civil Airport to be built in Vietnam
  • 승인 2020.07.27 17:12
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(Engineering Daily) Nguyen Anh Duong = A private investment airport will be built in Vietnam.

According to a local source in Vietnam, the way the project was carried out for the construction of Quangtree Airport was finally approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

The Quang Tri private airport project is expected to help revitalize the Quang Tri area, which is currently inaccessible due to a lack of airport facilities, as part of the Vietnamese government's project to build 28 airports in 2030.

Currently, a total of $348.26 million is estimated to be needed to invest in related projects, and the Vietnamese government plans to pursue the project through private investment.

The Vietnamese government plans to build Quang Tri Airport by 2030 and expects to generate more than 1 million passenger demand annually after completion.

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