Hanoi plans to have one more International Airport
Hanoi plans to have one more International Airport
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▲ Noi Bai International Airport

HANOI, April 6 (Engineering Daily) -- Hanoi will construct the 2nd International Airport, together with Noibai International Airport.

According to the transport planning of Hanoi city up to 2030, with a vision toward 2050 that has been approved by the Prime Minister, 2050, Hanoi will have total of 5 Airports, including 2 International Airports.

In particular, Noi Bai International Airport will be rehabilitated and upgraded to become the biggest International Airport in the North. The upgrade by 2020 will be the 4E level as per ICAO standard (International Civil Aviation Organization), with passenger flow of 20-25 million passengers/year and more than 260,000 tons of goods/year.

By 2030, Noi Bai International Airport will become the 4F level receiving 35 million passengers/year and after 2030, 50 million passengers/year and 500,000 tons of goods/year.

Gia Lam Airport will be used generally for short-range domestic civil and military, upgrading to the 3C level for port and II level for military airbase, with 2 runways sized 2000m x 45m and passengers flow of 290,000 passengers/year.

Hoa Lac, Mieu Mon Airport will be utilized for military purpose and for civil if requested.
Bach Mai Airport will become a rescue and helicopter one.

Finally, the 2nd International Airport for the capital region will be oriented in the Hanoi city planning.

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