Da Nang requests the support for Transport Infrastructure Improvement project
Da Nang requests the support for Transport Infrastructure Improvement project
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▲ Often overloaded traffic at West of Han River during rush hours

HANOI, April 22 (Engineering Daily) -- Da Nang People’s Committee has just issued the written to request Ministry of Planning and Investment to review and submit to Prime Minister for consideration of support Da Nang city seeking preferential loans for investment of the project "Transport Infrastructure Improvement".

Accordingly, the project consists of two components. Component 1 which is the construction of the intersections at West of the Rong bridge, is one of the major intersections - junction of several main roads in the downtown area to deal with traffic jams, traffic accidents and environmental pollution.

Component 2 aims to improve transport connections for Da Nang. This component includes 2 works such as roads and bridges across the Co Co River and Tran Hung Dao Street extension. In particular, construction of roads and bridges across the Co Co River is 1,163.11 m in length. This work will help to form the arterial traffic route connecting Southeast Da Nang and Hoi An (Quang Nam province) to Da Nang city center.

Tran Hung Dao Street extension work of 2,594.2 m length is to form a breath of line transportation along Han River, connecting North-South Da Nang, as well as important base for complete infrastructure condition of city and the flooding prevention at Southern city area.

The project implementation period is expected from 2016 to 2019; total capital of USD 51.74 million (equivalent to VND 1,155.27 billion), including concessional loans of USD 45 million (equivalent to VND 1,004.85 billion) and counterpart fund of USD 6.74 million (equivalent to VND 150.42 billion).

According to Da Nang People’s Committee, project will help the city to develop the transport efficiently and sustainably, thereby contributing to promote economic-society development, to improve the people lives, reduce traffic accident, lessen environmental pollution and upgrade travel conditions of city residents.

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