Investment of VND 2,100 billion to build the 72 Km Ho Chi Minh Road section Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa
Investment of VND 2,100 billion to build the 72 Km Ho Chi Minh Road section Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa
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▲ The incomplete project of Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa Road

HANOI, May 10 (Engineering Daily) -- Ho Chi Minh Road’s PMU has just suggested MOT for approval of Project of Investment and Construction of Ho Chi Minh Road section Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa under BOT model.

The project has a start point of Km10+000 in Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province and end point of Km82+574, intersecting with the provincial road DT825 and by-road Hau Nghia at South of Hau  Nghia Town, Duc Hoa District, Long  An Province.

This road that passed provinces such as Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh and Long An, was implemented since 2009. However it was postponed due to lack of capital. To complete this unfinished 72.5 km long road, grade III with 2 lanes, 12.25 m width and capacity of 100 km/h, 2,107.8 billion shall be needed, including 1,600 billion of construction cost.

The investor will place one main toll station at Km44+500 (Tay Ninh Province) and one substation at Km75+500 (Long An Province) during 22 years and 01 month under Circular No.159 of Ministry of Finance. The project is estimated to start in the Quarter IV/2016 and complete within 2018.

The investment of Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa road to connect Highway 14 and Road N2 that has been investing, will become a new route linking Mekong Delta core area to Southeast and Central Highland.

This project has been completed 10/83 Km using the government bond funds so far; the remaining 73 Km has been finished up to subgrade works and many bridges are in progress. For example, 14 Km road has just been completed up to binder course in the section passing Tay Ninh Province (more than 21 Km long) and only 25% of quantity of abutments of 4 bridges has been carried out. In the fact that the project is incomplete whereas the shortage of capital occurs, thus many items have been degraded seriously with overgrown grasses causing waste and bad publicity about the investment effectiveness.

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