In HCM City, The Effort to Attract Solar Power to Grid
In HCM City, The Effort to Attract Solar Power to Grid
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Hanoi, August 14 (Engineering Daily) -- The Ho Chi Minh City(HCM City) Electricity Corporation has encouraged households and various places in the city to install solar panels. The corporation pays for the solar energy sellers and it has requested to legislate a trade contract with its consumers.

After its effort to install solar panels on households, there are 475 of them connected to its grid with a total capacity of nearly 5.3MW.

HCM City is the biggest electricity consumer due to its climate and population. The demand in the first half of this year has increased by 7 percent year-on year.

The city saved 800 million kWh which is equivalent to VND 1.5 trillion under an electricity saving program during 2016-2017.

Besides economical benefits of solar power, the corporation has emphasized its renewable and environmental profits which do not create noise nor smoke and has low-maintenance cost. Lastly, spare energy can be sold.

The corporation connects consumers' solar energy systems with the electrical grid and installs two-way meters for free. In this way, the electricity company can gauge both the electricity that consumers expend and that the people sell to it. For the solar energy, the company pays the seller VND 2,000 kWh.

To expand its solar power project, the corporation has established solar panels at its 16 subsidiaries' headquarters and planned to install them at all offices. Additionally, it has asked the city People's Committee to instruct industrial parks, processing zones, high-tech parks, schools, hospitals and all State offices to install solar panels.

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