The Three Major Islands are to be Provided Electricity.
The Three Major Islands are to be Provided Electricity.
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  • 승인 2018.08.14 18:07
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Manila, August 14 (Engineering Daily) -- The spokesperson Felix William Fuentebella announced that the Department of Energy(DOE) will allot php500 million for providing electricity on the neglected areas in three major islands. He estimates that 3 million households are to be provided electricity by 2022.

The selected areas are located in two Southern islands, Mindanao and the Negros Island in the Visayas, and in the Northern island, Mimaropa in Luzon.

The DOE has requested a php2-billion 2019 budget from the House Committee on Energy.

The Total Electrification Program(TEP) in the budget will invest all of its efforts on providing electricity services to about 14,320 households with the energy associates such as National Electrification Administration and the National Power Corportation.

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