Tacloban City, Building Up Infrastructure
Tacloban City, Building Up Infrastructure
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Manila, August 17 (Engineering Daily) -- Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar visited Tacloban to inspect ongoing projects in Eastern Visayas, the Heightened Road and Tide Embankment (HRTE) and the Tacloban By-Pass Road project.

The two projects are part of the Build, Build, Build program of the current administration and Tacloban City is one of the priorities in terms of boosting infrastructure development and building disaster resilient communities.

The Php 924 million Tacloban By-Pass Road aims to decongest the traffic along Maharlika Highway, Tacloban City going to Palo, Leyte. Meanwhile, the HRTE project aims to protect 30,800 houses/buildings of Yolanda-affected areas in Tacloban–Palo-Tanauan from future similar calamities/storm surges and to prevent casualties.

Tigbao Bridge which was completed this year links to the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center, the region’s tertiary hospital equipped with state of the art medical facilities and it will also link to the Tacloban City By-Pass Road which is also designed to decongest traffic along the Maharlika Highway.

The completion of the Tacloban By-Pass Road is on August 6, 2019, while the HRTE project is expected to be finished by 2020.

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