Philippine Palawan Energy Field, the Construction is Delayed for 3 Years.
Philippine Palawan Energy Field, the Construction is Delayed for 3 Years.
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Manila, September 14 (Engineering Daily) -- After the decision to deplete Malampaya Gas Field by 2024, Palawan Energy Field in Philippines has been planned for to replace it. But the construction has been delayed for 3 years since 2015.

The Palawan Energy Field is in cooperation with Israeli oil firm Ratio Petroleum Limited and the site is to be located in the east of Palawan.

The government associate of Philippine said under anonymity that it is difficult to accelerate constructing the Energy Field project for now.

Ratio Petroleum Limited won the contract in 2015 and has been planning to construct the plant in Palawan with 416,000 ha scale.

However, the Israeli firm has failed in assuming the project from the previous contractor.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited Israel on 2th but didn't succeed in signing the contract. After the visit, Harry Roque the President representative delivered that the construction was to be started "as soon as possible" but the project associates presume the implementation would require some time.

The reason to be attentive to the delay of Palawan Energy Field construction has to do with the reduction of Malampaya Gas Field. It has been providing 20% of electricity in Philippine but the Field is scheduled to reduce by 2024. The Philippine government has been constructing another energy plant to replace it.

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