Philippines, Green Light on Bohol Airport•Sasa Seaport Projects
Philippines, Green Light on Bohol Airport•Sasa Seaport Projects
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Manila, October 11 (Engineering Daily) -- Proceeding Bohol-Panglao International Airport in Panglao Island and Sasa seaport in Davao city infrastructure projects have been beaming green light.

The Department of Finance(DOF) reported it had signed the supplemental loan agreement of the Bohol International airport the Phase 2 with the Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) on 8th.

The Philippines' first environment-friendly airport Bohol-Panglao International Airport the Phase 2 project involves the expansion of the runway and passenger terminals. Initially, JICA  provided 10.782 billion yen a funding support in 2013 but now with the loan it complemented 4.376 billion yen to the project.

Likewise, enlarging the deteriorated Sasa seaport in Davao city has been smoothly carrying on.

Philippines shipping firm Chelsea Logistics Holding Corporation(CLC) announced that it had submitted the expansion proposal to DOF to rehabilitate the deteriorated seaport.

Earlier this month, Davao City mayor Sara Duterte pronounced the Sasa seaport project is to be conducted through a Public-Private Partnership(PPP) mode next year.

CLC is planning to invest around PHP16 billion for a concession period at least 25 years.

The modernization will be conducted chronologically. The first phase cost PHP5 billion and it covers rehabilitation in general of the port. The second phase, the actual expansion period, focuses on the improvement of cargo volume and passenger traffic.

Meanwhile, the Sasa seaport project had been planned by the previous administration but this confronted strong opposition of the city government and the business sector.

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