One Step forward to 5G Society in Clark City
One Step forward to 5G Society in Clark City
  • Arnold Quinoviva Balairos 기자
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Manila, November 9 (Engineering Daily) --  The Philippine major telecommunication and digital services provider PLDT Inc. has started building the infrastructure to provide the fifth generation (5G) technology in the Clark Freeport Zone.

There are 25 5G-cell-sites projects across Clark city within the next 6 months and this project is the start of the projects. PLDT and Smart will install the first 5G cell site this month in partnership with the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications firm Ericsson.

It is anticipated that 5G can be utilized in various sectors. PLDT chief technology and information adviser Joachim Horn stated "5G services can be utilized in  transport, energy, health care, residential areas not to be confined to mobile connectivity and we want the 5G mobile phones to be available in the country within the second half of next year."

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