IFC, USD2 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Pan-Asia
IFC, USD2 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Pan-Asia
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Hanoi, December 5 (Engineering Daily) -- It is estimated that the investment in Climate Investment Opportunities across Asia by 2030 amounts to USD20 trillion according to the report of IFC(International Finance Corporation), 'Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities'.

The Aisa-Pacific region records the highest potential in Climate Investment Potential around the world and it is USD17.8 trillion that Green Buildings projects will attract by 2030.

Globally, Green Buildings account for USD24.7 trillion of cities' climate investment opportunities. Following the record, ▶Low-Carbon Transportation USD2.6 trillion
▶Clean Energy USD842 billion ▶Water USD1 trillion ▶Waste USD200 billion.

In the Asia-Pacific region, it is USD17.8 trillion that Green Buildings project will attract and the rest amount are as follows: ▶Waste USD104 billion ▶Public Transport USD352 billion ▶Renewable Energy USD407 billion ▶Climate-Smart Water USD571 billion ▶Electric Vehicle USD783 billion

Addressing climate change is a strategic priority for IFC. Since 2005, IFC has invested $22.2 billion in long-term financing from its own account and mobilised another $15.7 billion through partnerships with investors for climate-related projects. The latest report is part of the Climate Investment Opportunities report series initiated by IFC in 2016.

Based on IFC’s analysis of the climate pledges made by the region’s four countries studied for this report – China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam – the total estimated climate-smart investment potential is more than $16 trillion by 2030.

Approximately 81% of the potential is construction of new green buildings in China.

Meanwhile, the climate-smart business investment potential of Vietnam is estimated to be USD760 billion. It is divided into as follows: ▶ Transportation Infrastructure USD571 ▶Renewable Energy USD59 billion ▶ Solar Photovoltaic USD31 billion ▶Hydropower(Small) USD19 billion ▶New Green Buildings USD80 billion


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