Long Thanh Airport PJT go for launch
Long Thanh Airport PJT go for launch
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(Engineering daily) Nguyen Anh Duong = 15th, According to government of Vietnam, Prime Minister decided to appraise the feasibility study for Phase 1 of the Long Thanh International Airport.

A decision to this effect taken by the Prime Minister and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung as head of the appraisal council and one of his deputies as vice chairman.

Other council members will include leaders of 13 relevant agencies, the State Capital Management Committee and the People’s Committee of southern Dong Nai Province, where the project will be located.

Under the decision, the Prime Minister allows the council to hire domestic and foreign consultants to ensure independence and objectiveness in developing and appraising the project’s feasibility study.

The Long Thanh Airport, with total investment capital estimated at $16.03 billion, is to be built in three phases over three decades.

The first part is scheduled for completion in 2025, when the new airport will be able to handle 25 million passengers a year. The next two phases will run from 2030 to 2035 and from 2040 to 2050.

After project, Long Thanh International Airport will have an annual capacity of 100 million passengers and five million tons of cargo.

The Prime Minister will then submit the FS to the National Assembly Standing Committee in September 2019 and the parliament is expected to approve it in October or November this year.

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