Renewable energy in Vietnam: challenges and potentials
Renewable energy in Vietnam: challenges and potentials
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HANOI, AUGUST 22 (Engineering Daily) -- Vietnam is a country that has a good renewable energy potential, but the investment in renewable energy development in Vietnam is still not commensurate with its potential and existing strengths. The causes, challenges and barriers that have limited the deployment of renewable energy projects in Vietnam shall be analyzed as followings.

In the recent years, the renewable energy has just been interested to develop in the world and it has only met the small energy requirement of mankind. The causes for this late development are the renewable energy has too many disadvantages compared to the ordinary power. First is the instability of the renewable energy.

Secondly, the low energy density; size, land used area and the incidence of projects using renewable energy are always much greater than the conventional energy sources. Meanwhile, operation technique is sophisticated, which requires high technology, for instances, wind power, solar power, wave power and tidal power. The operation and maintenance costs are high.

In addition to the high production cost, there are some other obstacles to develop the renewable energy, such as lack of policy and organization to support the its development; lack of information and database for planning and making  policy; the technologies and supporting services are not  expanded; difficulty in fund access to develop the renewable energy projects.

The renewable energy is depended on the nature conditions (water, solar, wind and geographic location), technology and production cost. Thus, to promote renewable energy development, Vietnam needs to have the supporting policies such as the quota mechanism, fixed price mechanism, bidding mechanism and certificate granting mechanism.

Currently, Vietnam does not have the supporting policies for renewable energy development as a whole, excluding the price support mechanism for wind power adopted in 2011. Number of researches conducted by the Institute for Energy last time shows that some other mechanisms such as bidding mechanism or quota mechanism also are appropriate to promote renewable energy development. In addition, to support small and independent renewable energy projects (off-grid), researches also show that "mechanism of direct credit grant to consumers" is appropriate in the context of Vietnam. However, the adoption of any mechanism should also apply additional sanctions or other support mechanisms to promote maximum efficiency of renewable energy development.

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