The perception on sustainability of Vietnamese corporations Changed
The perception on sustainability of Vietnamese corporations Changed
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Hanoi, November 28 (Engineering Daily) -- The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry(VCCI) and director of the VCCI's Business Office for Sustainable Development said through VIR that the perception has transformed into 'profitable business' from 'obstacle'.

Following the shift, the CSI of Vietnam has adjusted to suit its laws and sub-indexes e.g. sustainability development and environment are included.  CSI is an acronym of Corporate Sustainability Index and it stands for share index of a corporation where its influence on environment and a society it belongs.

In the beginning of CSI, the participation of medium-sized corporations were low and it had been criticized for being too benefit-friendly toward FIE(Foreign Invested Enterprises). But now it has increased the participation and improved the perception over the past 3 years.

Moreover, the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development has organized training courses about sustainability reporting and the application of CSI for corporations and it has deployed a series of programs and initiatives based on Public Private Partnership(PPP) to encourage cooperation of the enterprises.

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