Hoa Binh, Steady in Preserving Investment in the Region
Hoa Binh, Steady in Preserving Investment in the Region
  • 승인 2018.12.13 14:50
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Hanoi, December 13 (Engineering Daily) --  Hoa Binh People's Committee will license USD500 million of 11 projects at the Hoa Binh Investment Promotion Conference next week.

The conference is held to have the opportunity reflecting on the investment record of the province over the past 15 years and how to attract the both local and foreign investors.

Aside from licensing 11 projects and reflection, USD3 million 18 MOU(Memorada of Understanding) will be signed at the event.

The 11 projects include over medium-scaled ones such as the water processing and treatment factory project by Aqua One Water JSC which amounts to USD132 million.

Hoa Binh has been successful in attracting investors in its region. The provincial Department of Planning and Investment has confirmed 69 investment projects are registered newly since the beginning of this year. This has increased the sum of the province's projects to 544 and 37 projects are assisted by foreign investors with the total registered capital of USD502 million.

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