Renewable energy is attracting attention in Vietnam
Renewable energy is attracting attention in Vietnam
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(Engineeringdaily) Nguyen Anh Duong = Renewable energy is getting mail posotion in Vietnam.

The central province of Quang Tri has approved in principle investments into six energy projects including four wind power and two solar plants with total capital of more than VND7.4 trillion in the first two months of the year.

The provincial People’s Committee has given the go-ahead for Gio Thanh Energy Joint Stock Company to build the Gio Thanh 1 solar power plant with total capacity of 50MW. The project has a total investment of over VND1.1 trillion and covers an area of 65ha in Gio Linh District.

It has also given the green light to SECO Joint Stock Company to implement the VND1.1 trillion Gio Thanh 2 solar power plant with total capacity of 50MW and covering an area of 60ha.
The People’s Committee approved the investment of Huong Phung Solar Wind Company Limited for the Huong Phung 3 wind power plant with total capacity of 30MW. The VND1.58 trillion plant will cover an area of 9ha in Huong Hoa District.

Gelex Quang Tri Energy Company has also been approved to invest in wind power plants 1, 2 and 3 with 30MW each. The three plants will have a total investment of VND3.6 trillion on an area of 24ha in Huong Hoa and Dakrong districts.

The province has given priorities to attract investment in the energy sector with the aim of turning the locality into an energy centre in the region. Huong Linh 2 wind power plant came into operation in 2017 with a capacity of 30MW and investment of VND1.5 trillion.

Wind power projects are mainly being built in the western mountainous area of Quang Tri Province, and solar power projects are concentrated in coastal areas.

The province is proposing four more solar power plants for the country’s energy planning with total capacity of 200MW.

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